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How long does an IKEA kitchen last?

How long does an IKEA kitchen last?

The lifespan of an IKEA kitchen is not only determined by its quality, but also by assembly and use. In addition, there are options for replacement, refurbishment and renovation, which significantly improve the durability and quality of the IKEA kitchen. We will take you through everything you want to know about this.

What can you expect from an IKEA kitchen?

IKEA kitchens are popular for their quality and reliability. They are relatively affordable, so also accessible for a smaller budget. But that doesn’t affect the quality. The warranty on an IKEA kitchen is 25 years. The Scandinavian furniture giant subjects its kitchens to extensive tests and thus guarantees a long service life.

But how long does an IKEA kitchen last on average? Compared to kitchens in the same price range, IKEA kitchens last quite long. On average, kitchens are replaced after 19 years. The most common reasons are wear on the top or fronts, or the desire for a new look that matches current trends. If you are careful with your kitchen, it can easily last 40 years. Correct installation and proper maintenance are a must.

With normal household use, the IKEA kitchen can last a long time. But what does this mean? You can imagine a small family using the kitchen in a calm manner. Do you have a large family with many (small) children? Enthusiastic pets? Or are you negligent in performing proper maintenance? Then you have to take into account that the lifespan of your IKEA kitchen can be somewhat shorter.

IKEA kitchen assembly

Perhaps this is obvious, but it most certainly is important: read and follow the supplied IKEA manual carefully. Create a clean and empty workspace so that you have room to move. Work in pairs; this is especially important when lifting and turning the kitchen cabinets, and when attaching the legs. Make sure everything is level, so that there is an even distribution of pressure. And, last but not least: take your time. A knock or a drop happens in a split second, and creates a scratch or dent that is not covered by the warranty

Maintenance of an IKEA kitchen

Durability also depends on good maintenance. Cleaning is easily done with a soft, damp cloth. If necessary, use a mild detergent. This applies to cabinets, drawer fronts, doors, wall shelves and other wooden surfaces. Be careful with steam; for example, do not place a kettle directly under a (wooden) cabinet element. Some materials can expand due to heat or moisture. For more maintenance tips, visit our maintenance page.

Warranty on IKEA kitchens

The IKEA Metod kitchen system warranty covers domestic use only and does not cover normal wear and tear, nicks or scratches, damage from impact or accidents, or indirect damage. IKEA has different warranty periods for different parts.

Warranty 25 years

This warranty applies to all material and construction defects in the Metod kitchen system. Most parts are covered by this warranty. Think of cabinet frames, doors and drawer fronts, hinges, drawers, shelves, legs and plinths, cover panels, decor frames, cornices, almost all worktops and sinks. Items not covered by this warranty include: knobs, handles, certain countertops and sinks, appliances, mixer taps and wall shelves.

Warranty 10 years

All kitchen faucets come with a 10-year warranty. That is a very reasonable period, since many other brands (often also more expensive ones) offer a warranty period of up to 5 years only.

Warranty 5 years

Equipment is covered by a 5-year warranty. This is also longer than the warranty period that you get in most other places.

Refurbishing and renovation

Is your kitchen really in need of replacement or are you just tired of the look and feel? That still doesn’t have to mean the end of your IKEA kitchen. The interior lasts much longer than the exterior; the fronts are subject to the most intensive use and wear. They are simply touched the most. This is why thee kitchen cabinet is often the longest lasting part of the kitchen. It is usually good to go for another few years of use, especially with a new front on it. Call it what you want: refurbishing, renovating, upgrading, pimping, customizing… By replacing the doors, drawer fronts and the kitchen worktop, you extend the life of your kitchen in no time. Often with better quality as a result. Take a look at our products or request a non-binding quote.

Trends for your interior

Does your kitchen not suffer from wear and tear, but do you simply no longer like it? Just like fashion, our interior is subject to trends. For example, kitchens used to be in a separate room, whereas now they are often part of in the living room. There has also been a move from practically functional to more aesthetically pleasing. But how can you take this into account? What you think is beautiful now, you will probably find less beautiful in a few years. That is why it is good to choose a kitchen that is timeless. So what makes a kitchen timeless? It is often a matter of simple shapes and natural materials, such as stone and wood. Or choose a kitchen with a solid foundation, which can be given a new look at any time, like an IKEA kitchen. For ideas, visit our inspiration page.

When do you choose an IKEA kitchen?

If you have to start at the beginning and need a completely new kitchen, an IKEA kitchen is always a smart choice because it allows for many alterations later on. But sometimes you don’t have much to choose from, because your wallet doesn’t allow you to buy a completely new kitchen. Even then, an IKEA kitchen still offers many options. An IKEA kitchen offers options for replacing the fronts when the time is right. This increases the sustainability of your kitchen and of your savings account.

Conclusion: is an IKEA kitchen a good long-term investment?

That’s a resounding YES! An IKEA kitchen has a good price-quality ratio and already lasts quite a long time on its own. But with the possibility for renovation with our fronts, you can extend the lifespan considerably. That is not only good for you, but also for the environment.

Extend the life of your IKEA kitchen with HoutCuisine

The concept is simple: you provide the IKEA base and choose the cabinet and drawer fronts at HoutCuisine. These are produced according to your wishes and delivered to your home, so that you can easily install them on your IKEA kitchen yourself. For more information, visit our how it works page.