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A quote within 48h

A quote within 48h

Highest quality - Affordable price

Highest quality - Affordable price

How does it work?

Our concept has a simple step-by-step plan, but customization is always possible. Feel free to inquire after our options, we are curious to hear about your wishes and ideas. Read more about ordering samples and designing your IKEA dream kitchen.

1. Create IKEA design

You’ve made your decision: you want a new kitchen! The first step is to fill out the IKEA kitchen planner. If you need help with this, we advise you to make an appointment with an IKEA employee, to make sure that the kitchen planner is exactly right. If you have any specific wishes that extend beyond IKEA’s dimensions, we can also discuss the options for customization. For example, if you want a deeper worktop, we can widen the side panels.

2. Choice of fronts

Do you already know which type of wood and which finish you want? Then you can move on to step 3. If you are still unsure about what suits you best, you can take a look at our inspiration page. You can also order a sample to experience the colour and finish even better.

3. Customized quote

Send us your IKEA kitchen design through our quote form. Here you can choose the type of wood and the finish. You can indicate specific wishes, such as out-of-the-IKEA-box customization. It is also possible to supply your own drawing with precise dimensions. We then make a quotation, which contains everything you need to to know about our services and products. If anything is missing or unclear, we will simply contact you.

4. Order or make an appointment

You have received the offer, what’s next? If you are sure of your choice, you can order your kitchen fronts directly by approving the quote online. If you are still in doubt about the choice of materials, you can make a non-binding appointment to visit HouseCuisine. Here all panels and finishes can be viewed and felt.

5. Production and delivery

Did you order the kitchen? We will send you a down payment invoice and start production of the kitchen. After receiving the payment, it takes about 8-10 weeks until the kitchen is delivered to your home. The courier will contact you to make an appointment. After delivery, you can easily mount the fronts onto the kitchen yourself, just like the rest of the IKEA kitchen.

6. Service and maintenance

Real wood often requires some maintenance in the long run. Some fronts are coated with lacquer and others with oil, so maintenance differs for each finish. For tips on cleaning and maintenance, visit our maintenance page.

7. Review and social media

Curious to know how other customers experienced HoutCuisine? Take a look at our reviews or leave your own.

Of course we are always there for you, even after you have put the kitchen into use. We think service is very important.

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