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General maintenance advice

Clean the fronts with a damp, lint-free cloth with a very diluted and mild soap solution. Avoid aggressive or chemical cleaning agents; these can affect the top layer. We also advise against the use of cleaning machines. In general, be careful with moisture; if it cannot evaporate, stains or circles may appear. Wet cloths are notorious culprits.

Lacquered fronts

Our lacquered panels do not require any special maintenance. Both sides have been provided with a sturdy and wear-resistant layer of two-component lacquer. This means your kitchen fronts are well protected. During the first two to four weeks the lacquer is still hardening, so you will have to be a little more careful. Cleaning can be done with a moist cloth and a mild soap solution.

Sample kitchen front solid oak natural

Oiled fronts

Our oiled panels usually do not require additional treatment. Both sides are treated with a Rubio Monocoat Hardwax oil. During the first two to four weeks, the oil is still settling in, which means you will have to be a little more careful. To test whether the fronts are well protected, you can sprinkle a few drops of water on them. If the drops remain, the wood is sufficiently saturated.

Refreshing oiled fronts

If maintenance is necessary (in case of wear, stains or scratches), you can treat the panels with RM (Rubio Monocoat) Refresh. This oil provides good protection, but no color restoration. For more thorough maintenance you can use RM Maintenance Oil. This oil is available in various colors and therefore restores color. Both products can also be used locally for smaller stains.

Sample kitchen front solid oak black