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Customization with IKEA

With an IKEA kitchen, there are many possibilities. The elements are designed in such a way that you can combine them to create your desired kitchen. But what if you want something that’s just a little bit different than the standard sizes? Then you need customization.

“Of course, fronts are easy to replace. But what about a different cabinet size? Or a deeper countertop? A lot is possible in consultation. We’ll show you some examples of specific requests that we can accommodate.”

Non-standard kitchen appliances

Perhaps a trend, but definitely here to stay: the wine climate fridge. And there’s other equipment that doesn’t always fit in an IKEA kitchen. It’s best if the appliance fits in an IKEA cabinet in terms of width, but the height doesn’t matter. We can easily make the door or drawer fronts longer or shorter in that cabinet. That’s why it’s not necessary to take into account the height of the appliance doors. Do you have kitchen appliances in mind that are wider than the standard IKEA cabinet width? We also have a solution for that; scroll down to ‘custom oak cabinet’.

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Zwarte keukenkasten massief eiken ikea keuken

Tall cabinet doors

IKEA kitchen cabinets go up to a height of 2.40 meters. However, IKEA does not offer doors that are 2.40 meters tall, so you are forced to place two shorter doors on top of each other. This can compromise the overall look or design you had in mind. With us, this is not an issue; just let us know the desired length measurement, and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of.

Deeper countertop

The standard countertops from IKEA are 63.5 centimeters deep to fit well with the depth of the IKEA kitchen cabinets. But what if you want a deeper countertop? That’s possible! You can still use IKEA cabinets as a base and move the cabinets forward, for example. A deeper countertop also means a wider side panel. But that’s not a problem either. As long as you know the measurements, we can adjust the panels accordingly.

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Adjusting door or drawer height

Door and drawer fronts have standard sizes at IKEA. But sometimes these sizes don’t fit your needs, for example, if you want an open compartment of a non-standard size. This may be the case for certain appliances, a wine cabinet, a compartment for cookbooks, or something else that has a specific size. We can easily make door and drawer fronts higher or shorter. As mentioned, you just need to provide the correct measurements.

Custom Oak Cabinet

It is also possible to have an entire cabinet made to measure. This can be a solution for a non-standard width, for example, for appliances that are wider than the standard IKEA cabinet size. But it can also provide a solution if you simply want a different type of cabinet to place between your IKEA cabinets. Think, for example, of a cabinet with open compartments for cookbooks, wine bottles, or dishes that you want to display.

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Customized solutions

Customizations that go beyond the examples described above are also possible, in consultation. We can make anything if you provide us with the exact dimensions. This requires precision, so the responsibility for the correct measurements always lies with you. Please contact us if you have specific wishes or request a quote without obligation.