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kitchen inspiration

Just started looking or you already made your choice for a new IKEA kitchen? Getting inspired by new ideas is always fun. From countryside IKEA kitchens to minimalist styles, from large to small kitchens; find out which IKEA kitchen styles suit you best.

Black modern kitchen with an urban touch

Sleek and yet playful. Nothing suggests that you are dealing with an IKEA kitchen here. Yet the kitchen cabinets are all from the Metod system. Our black fronts combined with shades of beige, gold and orange make it both eclectic and warm.

Landelijke keukenstijl massief eikenhout

Country-style minimalist kitchen in natural oak

Looking for an IKEA country-style kitchen? This is how we can realize that for you. Natural oak is timeless and forms a good basis for further additions of colours and materials. This allows even a small accessory to have big impact.

Contemporary kitchen in an old canal house

Looking for a kitchen that suits an old house? The style doesn’t necessarily have to be classic. A combination of old and modern creates an edgy and fresh contrast. For more IKEA kitchen inspiration, click through to the project page of this black beauty.

Zwarte fineer eiken keukendeuren
Massief eiken keukenfront met greeploos profiel

Natural kitchen with black details

‘Small but nice’ certainly applies to this minimalistic yet country-ish kitchen. In a limited space, you can still realize a complete IKEA kitchen that feels spacious. Combine IKEA cabinets with light fronts. The dark accents bring that extra balance.

Sophisticated black industrial kitchen

Did you come across a rough brick wall when renovating? We’d say ‘don’t do anything about it’, because as you can see, it is a neat idea to combine it with a black IKEA kitchen. And did you know that black is not a colour? That’s why it fits with everything.

zwarte massief eiken keukenlades
Massief eiken keukenfronten

Cheerful IKEA kitchen idea

Inspiration doesn’t have to be limited to the type of IKEA fronts. With a blast of a colour on the wall, you can play it safe with the rest. Our products often provide a calm base, which allows you to move in any direction later on.

Calm and powerful kitchen accompanied by green and gray

You can play with colour not only on the wall, but also on the floor. The sage green cast floor is one of the better IKEA kitchen ideas we’ve come across. Together with natural oak, a black top and cloudy concrete ciré, an unforgettable look is created.

Landelijke keuken massief eiken
Naturel eiken keukendeuren

Natural rural kitchen with white top and white cabinets

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it. The creative brains behind this IKEA kitchens initially wanted a concrete top. However, the temporary white top gave such a nice light atmosphere that they decided to go for white after all! So don’t get too hung up on the IKEA kitchen planner, and let yourself be inspired along the way.

Chic rural family kitchen

Do you have the space? A big family? Do you prefer to cook all day long? All the more reason to go big. This way everyone can claim their own space and nobody stands in each other’s way. This project shows how you can make a big gesture with an IKEA kitchen.

zwarte houten keukenkast fronten
eikenhouten keukens

Oak design kitchen with Mediterranean vibe

Could it be the wine bottles on display? The indirect, soft light, reminiscent of a sunset? Or is it the thick top that is reminiscent of a Greek kitchen?  Whichever it is, this kitchen evokes a wonderful Mediterranean vibe with us. The inspiration is endless when it comes to IKEA kitchens.

Did you get inspired?