Wall shelves


Our wall shelves are custom made. You can choose between all types of wood and veneer and all finishes. Matching your kitchen and your style. Ask for a non-binding quote to get a price.


These are the size options:

Thickness: 25, 30 or 40 millimeters

Depth: 15 – 29 centimeters

Length: Up to 3 meters in one piece

The wall shelves are provided with a blind support system.


While all finishes are possible, we strongly recommend a smooth finish. Simply because it is easier to clean. The wall shelves are treated with lacquer or oil, depending on the type of wood. Both protect the shelves against moisture and dirt.


Our oak wood and oak veneer comes from European forests and is sustainably harvested. Our walnut veneer also comes from European forests. All standard shelves have a rustic look, but they are also available in A-quality. This means that there are fewer knots in it and that it is ‘error-free’, which gives a calmer look.