Solid oak natural smooth

This solid oak panel has a smooth finish, and a sleek and soft surface. Available as a front, side panel or plinth, in order to match the entire range of the IKEA Metod kitchen line.


NOTE: A deposit is required for all our samples to reduce waste. If you return the sample, the amount will be refunded. For more information, please see our returns page.



Our solid naturel oak has been treated with an opaque matte black wood-dye. The naturel fronts fit well in a modern style kitchen. The grain direction on the fronts is vertical, creating unity in your kitchen. All solid oak fronts come standard with a visible steel strip that is recessed on the back, providing a 100% guarantee against warping. For an additional cost, the steel strip can also be invisibly integrated. Need custom-made cabinets instead of IKEA Metod? Inquire about the possibilities.


These fronts are sanded smooth, so that the surface is even and silky to the touch. Our solid oak fronts are finished with an ultra-matt clear coating, which protects them well against moisture and grease. The smooth surface and strong lacquer make the fronts easy to clean.


The fronts can be equipped with a handleless profile for a handleless effect. It is also possible to use one of our handles. Check out our range of handles here.


Our oak and oak veneer comes from European forests and are sustainably harvested. All standard panels have a rustic look, but are also available in A-quality. This would mean that there are few knots in it and that it is ‘error-free’, which would give it a calmer look.


Naturel eiken keuken

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