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Unique IKEA
kitchen fronts

Do you want a kitchen that suits you exactly, but is also affordable? We make your dream kitchen a reality with unique fronts for your IKEA kitchen.

Where to start?

Are you going for a kitchen renovation or do you want everything new? Create a design in the IKEA kitchen planner or draw a sketch with the correct dimensions and send it to us. We discuss specific wishes by telephone. A few weeks later, the fronts will be delivered to you and you can easily assemble them yourself, just like the IKEA parts.

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Landelijke keukenstijl eikenhout

Wooden kitchen fronts

We love wood. You too? Solid and veneer both have their own charm and advantages. The choice is yours. We also have different options for the colour shade of the wood: natural, stained or black. As icing on the cake, you can choose a finish: smooth, brushed or finely sawn. Our fronts are therefore suitable for every kitchen. And every style.

From modern with black oak fronts to a country style with our solid oak panels. Combine the IKEA base with our oak kitchen fronts and create your unique style in no time. Our kitchen fronts have been specifically developed for IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets. This way you are assured of a perfect connection. And self-assembly of our IKEA Metod fronts is very easy.

Service beyond the front door

In our modern world, everything is moving faster and more efficiently, which often affects customer contact. That is not the HoutCuisine way. We appreciate personal contact with you. This way we know better who you are and what you are looking for, and we can serve you better. Our service extends beyond the front door, which means you can always call us. Even if you just want to save money. We’re here for you.